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Fixing a Shoe

Custom Shoes, Boots
and Leather Goods


Custom Crafted Shoes, Boots, and Leather Goods

We hand make custom leather goods to order the old fashioned way - with custom fitting and with custom lasts - to ensure your shoes, boots, belts, or accessories fit you perfectly and beautifully.  In addition to custom boots and shoes, we custom make many leather accessories such as watch bands, hand bags, flasks, gun holsters, dog collars, and more.  We can re-purpose designer or vintage leather goods to make new and unique items that are beautiful and made to last.

Our custom boot and shoe process is easy for you to utilize.  We have a simple 3 step process:

1)  We talk with you and get the exact look, color, feel, and style that you have in mind.  Then we measure your feet... and we measure them and measure them again, every which way.  We get a perfect measurement of your feet so that we can make our shoes and boots perfectly fit you. 

Measureing Feet.jpg

2) We build a custom last, or a mold of your foot based on the exacting measurements that we took.  This is an important step in the process and separates true old fashioned hand-made craftsmen from factory made shoes.  This last is very important, and serves as the base that we build your shoes around.

shoe last.webp

3) We craft your shoes or boots around this last, using the best materials and time tested techniques.  This is done almost entirely by hand and gives you a one-of-a-kind fit, look, and feel that you can't get anywhere else. 


The results speak for themselves - you will have a one of a kind pair of shoes or boots that are beautiful, fit you perfectly, and are made well to last you a lifetime.  And we can use the same last for your next pair and save you money on your next custom pair.  

The price of a custom pair of shoes and boots will vary of course depending upon the style and materials used, but starts at $1500. 

Its an excellent value for the high quality craftsmanship and materials.  Its a great way to pamper yourself, or as a gift. 

Call us to make an appointment or stop by today to talk with us about your perfect pair of bespoke shoes or boots. 

You can see from the photos below taken at different phases of the making of Eric's famous UH boots, some of the production steps that we painstakingly take to complete your custom shoes or boots so that they are beautiful, and will last a lifetime.  From crafting the uppers, applying dies and finishes, crafting the custom logo, to the custom fitted soles, the entire process is done by hand with extreme attention to detail.


When the final glaze and polish is applied, you have a beautiful and unique product that you will be proud of for many years to come that reflects your unique style and taste.

Ready for a one of a kind fit? Give Us a Call Now!
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