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Mail Order Repair Services

Not convenient to drive to us? 

Then ship us your shoes, boots, or leather goods and we will repair them and ship them back to you.  We regularly repair and recondition leather goods from all over the country, and from places throughout the Houston region.   

Cardboard Box

Mail Order Repair is as simple as 1, 2, 3  !!


1)  Please print and complete our Mail Order Repair Service order form, linked below.   This will provide all of the information needed to us. 


2) We will call you when your items arrive, and give you an estimate.  When the work is completed, we will ship the items back to you, and let you know they are on the way. 


3)  You'll enjoy your reconditioned or repaired items before you know it! 


It's that easy! 

Please send your items to us with a copy of the instruction sheet.  We will inspect your items when they arrive, and give you an estimate on the repair services.  The minimum for mail order repair is $20 plus return shipping charges.  

Need any of our services? Give Us a Call Now!
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