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Shoe Repair

We can repair almost any type of shoe damage, either to the sole, the upper, or the support.  This includes rubber soled shoes and boots. 

Shine and Buff Service

We can clean up and shine up your shoes, boots, and leather goods to make them shine as good as new. 

Leather Reconditioning

We can refinish, die, gloss, and make any leather good as good or better than new. We hand tool and work the leather traditionally.

Heel and Sole Replacements

We can replace or repair any heel or sole on any shoes, including expensive designer models, to look brand new. 

Leather Bag Repair

We can repair leather or metal straps, linings, or even recut handbags and purses to redesign them. We have worked with Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and other designer brands. 

Custom Crafted Shoes, Boots, and Leather Goods

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